Disclosure BB Hayes - CD Release Project

An electronically produced album by BB Hayes and executive producer David Foley, inspired by ufology and alien lore.

Crop Circles

Disclosure CD Project

An epic Anunnaki house music production. Where mysterious sound bites meet a rhythmic electronic journey. Each track digitally produced by visionary artist BB Hayes. With over 30 years experience as a producer and DJ. 

He has performed in many cities, and now abducts you for an experiment of mind, body and sound. Take flight on the dance floor and support this long awaited epic release of the Disclosure album project. An alien inspired journey of electronic music. 

Letter from BB Hayes

Disclosure -  CD WILL INCLUDE

1. Phoenix Lights - BPM 127 (Largest mass sighting in history)

2. Area 51 - BPM 128 (Roswell desert base and crash site 1947)

3. Anunnaki - BPM 128  (Those from heaven to earth came)

4. Crop Circle - BPM 132 (Mysterious geometric crop circles)

5. Element 115 - BPM 127  (Element 115 is what powers UFOs)

6. Disclosure - BPM 128 (The revealing of truth behind Ufology)

7. Continuous Mix  (Time 31:30)

Poster Artwork -  by Jason Ring / Web Market power



Your donation is so important to me thank you. I'm so excited to provide you with these donation prize packages.
I have selected these packages to assist you in choosing a support level.  Thank you in advance for your support. - BB Hayes

TOTAL Amount Raised $2,175.00

Target Goal $2455

PACKAGE 1 Your donation of $25.00 or more will receive a collectable CD and download link to download album! Please allow 6 weeks after goal is reached for delivery of prizes.

PACKAGE 2 Your donation of $100.00 or more will receive the above package plus Christmas album, and VIP entry our to album release party.

PACKAGE 3 Your donation of $225.00 or more will include the previous package and the donated amount doubled and discounted from a private party or wedding.


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Goal totals are updated every 24 hours . I thank you so much for your contribution to the Disclosure Album Project. - DJ BB Hayes :)

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